Canyon Nursery | Moab Utah Nursery
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Canyon Nursery

Welcome to Canyon Nursery!

Canyon Nursery provides a huge selection of high quality plants & 30+ years of experience growing, vegetables, flowers, shrubs & trees.

Canyon Nursery Expertise

We offer you the benefit of our experience – more than 30 years of planting in Castle Valley and Moab. We know which trees, shrubs, vegetables, & flowers will thrive here in the canyon country and how to keep them happy.

The Nursery

Here you’ll find lists of what we’re currently offering for sale:

  • Exquisite Container Gardens
  • Flowerpots
  • Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Shrubs
  • Flowers, & Vegetable starts
  • Treeguards

Here at Canyon Nursery, we are continually field-testing new and innovative irrigation technology. We read the journals and attend the trade shows, then share the winners with you.