Canyon Nursery | Canyon Nursery
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Canyon Nursery

More than 20 years of planting desert plants, flowers, vegetables and trees in the Moab and Castle Valley area.


Colorful, bodacious bloomers to inspire & thrill you. Come visit our Pollinator Demo Garden & learn how to bring butterflies, bees, & birds into your life, using annual & perennial plantings. Neonicitinoid-free.


We start our vegetable plants from seed so we can offer you many specialty items that can’t be found elsewhere, as well as the traditional varieties that you know & love.  Canyon Nursery offers you the best selection of vegetable seedlings.


Enhance your landscape while providing fresh fruit for yourself (or wildlife). Add a focal point, plant 2 trees where you’d like your hammock to go, or plant a living Christmas tree to decorate as a family tradition – trees are the answer!