Fruit Trees | Canyon Nursery
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Canyon Nursery Fruit Trees 2016

Trees – Container-established fruit & shade trees to beautify your yard. Enhance your landscape while providing fresh fruit for yourself (or wildlife). Add a focal point, plant 2 trees where you’d like your hammock to go, or plant a living Christmas tree to decorate as a family tradition – trees are the answer!


All in one Genetic Dwarf: Best almond for home orchards. Heavy crops of soft shell nuts with sweet flavorful kernels. Hot summer required to ripen nuts. 15 foot tree. Very winter and frost hardy. Self Fruitful.

  • Jonagold: Superb flavor. A connoisseurs choice. A cross of Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Yellow with orange blush. Crisp, Juicy, sub acid. All-purpose. 700 – 800 hours. Pollenized by Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, or Red Delicious, but not Golden Delicious.
  • Jonathan: Heavy annual bearer. High quality when well grown. Cooks well. Medium to dark red. Crisp, juicy, flavorful, and moderately tart. Self Fruitful.
  • Fuji: Sweet, very crisp and flavorful. Excellent keeper. Reddish orange skin. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Self Fruitful.
  • Gala: Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp with a nice blend of sweet & tart. Skin reddish orange over yellow. Early harvest 2 weeks before Red Delicious. Good pollenizer for other varieties. Self Fruitful.
  • Golden Delicious: Long time favorite for sweetness and flavor. Reliable producer adapted to many climates. Pollenizer for Red Delicicious. Self Fruitful.
  • Granny Smith: From New Zealand, late, green, all purpose. Crisp, tart, excellent keeper. Requires long summer. Thrives in hot climates. 400 hours. prolonged bloom: good pollenizer for other apples. Self Fruitful. Zones 6 – 9
  • Honeycrisp: Winter hardy tree from Uninversity of Minnesota. Fruit is crisp and juicy with aromatic flavor. Red stripes over yellow color. Stores well. Pollenized by Gala, Granny Smith, Empire, Mcintosh, and Red Delicious.
  • Red Fuji: Redder skinned bud sport of Fuji. Sweet, very crisp and flavorful. Excellent keeper. Ripe September – October in Central California. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Self Fruitful. Zones 5 – 9
  • Chinese (Mormon) Apricots: Cold hardy, frost hardy. sets heavy crops of small to medium fruit. Recommended for spring frost prone climates. Self fruitful.
Sweet Cherry
  • Stella: Self fruitful. No pollenizer needed. Large nearly black, richly flavored sweet cherry similar to lambert. Pollenates Bing Cherry.

Pie Cherry

  • Early Richmond Sour Cherry: Heavy producing widely adapted tree. Vigorous and and healthy in many climates and soils. Grows to 15 – 18 feet tall. Early ripening flavorful and juicy bright red fruit used primarily for cooking and canning. Tasty for fresh eating when fully ripe. Self Fruitful


  • Harko: Cold Hardy Canadian variety with large pink blossoms. High score in taste tests. Tolerant of bacterial spot, and brown rot.
  • Early Elberta: Also called Lemon Elberta. Reliable frost hardy yellow freestone for Utah. Juicy, rich flavor. Harvest 10 days for before Elberta. Can, freeze, or eat fresh. 800 hours Self Fruitful
  • Elberta: Famous yellow freestone peach. Classic rich flavor. Use fresh, canned, or cooked. Self Fruitful.
  • Reliance: Late blooming. Very cold hardy and frost hardy. Sweet flavorful yellow freestone. Best peach for climates with severe cold in winter and spring.
  • Blakes Pride: Yellow, light golden pear was developed in Kearneysville West Virginia. Resistant to Fire Blight. Ripens 10 – 14 days after Bartlett. Pollenized by Bartlett, Harrow Delight, or Warren. 800 hours. Zones 5 – 9
  • Seckel: Connoisseurs favorite. Sweet, flavorful, aromatic, and spicy. Russeted brown skin. Resists fire blight. Self Fruitful.
  • Comice: The gift pack pear. Sweet aromatic, fine texture, superb flavor, and quality. Short neck. Greenish yellow skin with red blush. Self Fruitful.
  • Shinseiki Asian Pear: Juicy, sweet, refreshing, and crisp like and apple. Easy to grow. Keeps well. Bright yellow skin. Vigorous, heavy bearing, and Self fruitful.
  • Warren: Excellent quality dessert pear, and highly resistant to Fireblight. Medium to large long necked fruit with pale green skin sometimes blushed red. Smooth flesh (no grit cells) is juicy and buttery with superb flavor. Good keeper. Cold hardy to -20 degrees. From Mississippi. 600 hours Self Fruitful
  • Santa Rosa: Juicy, tangy, and flavorful. Reddish purple skin. Amber flesh that is tinged red. Self Fruitful.
  • Shiro: Medium size greenish yellow fruit is juicy, moderately sweet with a pleasing mild flavor. Bears reliably in many climates. Ripens late June and Early July in central California. 400 – 500 hours. Self Fruitful
  • Stanley: Large size with dark blue skin. Yellow/ Greenish meaty flesh. Freestone. Late blooming and extremely cold hardy. Self Fruitful.
  • Concord: Versatile and long time favorite American grape. Blue/ black berry with rich distinctive flavor. Used for table, juice, jelly and wine. cane prune Suffolk Red Seedless: Russian x American Hybrid. Hardier than European grapes. Largest berries of the hybrids. Early ripening, and excellent quality. Cane prune.