Shade Trees | Canyon Nursery
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Canyon Nursery Shade Trees 2016

  • Modesto Ash: Beautiful deciduous shade tree for arid climates. Grows to 50 feet tall x 30 feet wide. Spectacular yellow fall color.
  • Western Catalpa: Widely adapted to cold or hot climates, and all soils. Large heart shaped leaves, long seed capsules shaped like beans. White flowers in spring and summer. Grows 40’ to 60’ tall.
  • Fremont Cottonwood: Castle Valley Native. Fast growing to 60 feet tall. Invasive roots. Yellow fall color.
Flowering Almond
  • Halls Hardy Almond: Beautiful profuse pink flowers. Late blooming. Adapted to cold climates. Vigorous tree with very hard shell nuts. Self fruitful.
Flowering Crabapples
  • Radiant Flowering Crabapple: Single deep pink blossom. New growth is reddish purple. Mature leaves are green. Small red pea size fruit. Grows to 20 feet tall.
  • Snowdrift Flowering Crabapple: Late blooming, long lasting, single white blossoms. Glossy green leaves. Small fruit. Dense rounded form to 20’ tall.
Flowering Pear
  • Capital Flowering Pear: Disease resistant selection from National Arboretum. Columnar form. Profuse white blossoms. Glossy Foliage. Purple/ orange fall color. Grows to 30 feet tall x 12 feet wide.
Golden Rain Tree
  • Koelreuteria paniculata: Grows to 30 feet tall x 30 feet wide. Gives light shade. Compound leaves. Yellow flower clusters make ornamental seed pods. Tolerates heat, drought, wind, cold and alkaline soil.


  • Shademaster: Tolerates heat, wind, drought, cold & alkaline soil. Distinctive small leaflets. Long seed pods. Grows 50 – 60 feet tall.
London Plane Tree (Bloodgood)
  • Platanus acerfolia/ Sycamore: Grow to 80 feet tall. Large Maple like leaves. Distinctive patchy bark pattern.
Fruitless Mulberry
  • Morus Alba: Male tree grows to 40 feet tall x 50 feet wide. Creates dense shade. Tolerates summer heat and alkaline soil.
Oak, Bur
  • Querqus macrocarpa: Grows 60 feet tall x 60 feet wide. Leaves dark green on top and grayish underneath. Fall color yellow brown to purple. Beautiful corky bark stands out in winter.
Purple Robe Locust
  • Robinia idahoensis: Shapely deciduous tree grow to 40 feet tall. Tolerates poor soil, heat, cold, & drought. Small leaflets. Reddish new growth. Large chain of purple/ pink showy flowers with prolonged bloom period.

Reddbud, Eastern

  • Cercis canadensis: Round top tree grow to 25 feet. Large bright green leaves. Spectacular display of purple pink flowers in spring..