Canyon Nursery Shrubs | Moab, Castle Valley Nursery
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Canyon Nursery Shrubs 2016

Add texture & depth to your yard, define a garden “room”, provide habitat for wildlife, or “paint” your landscape with colorful foliage – shrubs can be a low-maintenance, low-water way to design your property.

  • Northern Gold: First shrub to bloom in the spring with bright yellow flowers that cover the whole bush. Grow to 10 feet tall x 8 feet wide. very cold hardy. Deer do not like it.
  • Arctostaphylos uva ursi: Prostrate spreading and rooting as it spreads. Small glossy leathery leaves are bright green turning red/ purplish in winter. White pink flowers followed by red fruits. Plants slow to become established. Evergreen.
Creeping Mahonia
  • Mahonia repens: 1 foot high x 3 feet wide. Spreads by underground stems. Dull blue green leave turn turn bronze/ pink during winter. Flowers mid to late spring followed by blue berries. Full sun or partial shade. Needs little water.
American Cranberry Bush
  • Viburnum trilobum: Grow to 15 feet tall x 12 feet wide. Wide leaves emerge dark green and turn yellow to purple in fall. Edible fruit can be used for jam.
Squaw Bush
  • Rhus trilobata: Canyon country native. Grow 8 – 10 feet tall. Small flowers followed by red berries. Reddish fall color. Very dense bush makes good screen.
Honeysuckle Bush
  • Lonicera involucrata: Grow to 10 feet tall. Yellow tinged Red blooms followed by twinberry purple black fruit.
Red Twig Dogwood
  • Cornus sericea: Brilliant red fall foliage and red winter twigs. Grow 8 feet x 12 feet wide. Small creamy white flower followed by white or bluish fruits.
Purple Smokebush
  • Cotinus coggygria: Grow to 15 feet x 15 feet wide. Leaves are purple. Flowers look like a purple puff of smoke. Fall color is yellow to orange.